Visit KU

Interested in KU TPE? A formal KU visit is critical for determining if KU TPE is a good fit.  

Please sign up for a campus visit and tour using the directions below – the KU Visitor's Center will schedule a meeting with KU TPE during your visit!

A group of people is getting a tour of KU campus in the spring while a bus passes on the left.

How to Set up a Tour and Meet with KU TPE Program Staff

  1. Go to KU Admissions visit page.
  2. Select a date and time to attend. At least two weeks in advance is best.
  3. Complete the sign-up form.
    • Email Address:  The email address you use on the sign-up form is where you will receive the itinerary and all visit information.
    • What is your intended major:  Select "Undeclared".
    • What else would you like to do while visiting KU: Check "Meet with TPE Program".

You will receive a confirmation email message. KU Admissions will organize your visit with KU TPE, and it will be added to your itinerary.