Eligibility Criteria

KU TPE is federally funded and must adhere to certain guidelines. To determine if KU Transition to Postsecondary Education program is the best fit, applicants should demonstrate the ability to meet the following criteria upon entering the program.  

KU TPE staff can review documentation or answer questions about eligibility prior to submitting your application. Email kutpe@ku.edu for document review.          

  • A documented intellectual disability is required. Intellectual disability is defined by AAIDD as significant limitations in both intellectual functioning and adaptive behavior‚Äč. The diagnosis should be identified by one or more of the following documents: 
    • IEP
    • Cumulative file
    • Physician's documentation
    • Social Security Administration files
    • Psychological or neuropsychological exam
    • Comprehensive evaluation
    • Vocational rehabilitation documentation
  • Is 18 years old.
  • Demonstrates skills in navigating community and school environments with a willingness to learn new modes of transportation.
  • Demonstrates level of unsupervised independence (2-4 hours) using appropriate supports with potential to increase independence over time.
  • Wants to enhance their:
    • Adult roles and responsibilities
    • Self-determination
    • Career development and employment potential
    • Academic and adult learning strategies
  • Is responsible for medications and self-care with appropriate supports if needed.
  • Has previous experience with work-based learning (e.g., in-school, volunteering, and/or paid employment).
  • Desires integrated, paid employment upon completion of KU TPE.