Resources for families

The following resources are for assisting families of college students with intellectual disability.
Image of three students around a laptop looking at a webpage.

VR Webinar

Explore services available through Kansas Vocational Rehabilitation in this webinar featuring TPE's Nathalie Weissman and Lara Bowen with Kansas VR.

Family webinars

Prepare for College

Think College! College Planning Timeline

Watch the videos below for more information about transitioning to college.

Prepare for college

Hear tips for transitioning from IEP team member and lead advocate to a supporting role as the parent of a college student with an intellectual disability. Barb Ziemke, Co-Director of the PACER Center, presents college transition tips from a parent perspective.

No charity: Paychecks not pity

Learn about employment supports, the family's role in improving employment outcomes, and how individuals with disabilities can become successfully employed. Dr. Josie Badger, co-director of the RAISE Center, provides consulting services on transition and leadership development.

Alternatives to guardianship, supported decision-making

A KU TPE student can be his/her own guardian or have a guardian. Here are some alternatives to explore.