KU-TPE provides students with intellectual disability an inclusive KU experience across all facets of college life. Our program specifically targets:

Career Development

Integrated competitive employment upon finishing KU-TPE is our expectation. We have the tools, technology, and connections to help you develop your career path and get job experience.

  • Develop your career pathway
  • Participate in internships each semester
  • Have jobs and internships on and off campus
  • Learn 21st Century Skills to be competitive in the job market


KU-TPE students take courses alongside their KU undergraduate peers, and receive individualized accommodations and adaptations.

  • Take 6 credit hours/semester (no courses are audited)
  • KU-TPE Program of Study courses and electives
  • Individualized accommodations from the KU-AAAC and adaptations as needed
  • Access tutoring and other KU academic resources
  • Receive the Transition to Postsecondary Education Certificate

Student Life

Whether you are outgoing or an introvert, KU-TPE can help you engage with the KU community.

Big and Baby Jay and a cheerlearder

Residential Life

Students can live on campus in KU Housing.

  • Participate in activities with people in your living community
  • Living community = KU learning community!

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